Saturday, September 17, 2005


So at the Tokyo Game Show, Nintendo finally revealed what was so revolutional about the Revolution. The controller. My first glance at it made me go "What the fuck!?" It was just like a TV remote, thats the only way I could describe it at first. But I examinded more, it features a directional pad and an A button for the thumb, and a trigger button underneath. You can attach another part to the remote controller, and then in your left hand you have a joystick. With all that shown to me, I decided I would not want the Nintendo Revolution.
But Nintendo is good at proving me wrong.

The remote can be turned sideways, so the d-pad is in the left hand and two buttons are for the right thumb, enabling gamers to play the classic NES games (there will be quite the library of NES and maybe SNES games to download onto the Revolution).

But this is what saves the day.
The remote fits into the newly renovated Gamecube controller. Whew. Thank goodness. I could still play real games, the good button mashers, and still play the innovative new games that require the motion sensor in the front of the remote. Boy oh boy.

For more info, check out

Friday, September 09, 2005

Luke Skywalker: The Only Hope?

I was thinking this morning while having writers block: What made Luke Skywalker so qualified that he could actually bring back the Jedi way? The movies sure as hell don't make him look like the perfect choice, so that is what I am basing this on (because most of my visitors are not aware of his vast enhancement in skills that takes place in the books).

Let's start with the amount of training he received. He knew Obi-Wan for what, less than a week? Ben (as Luke knew him as) saved him from the Sand People, then died on the Death Star days later. All we see that he teaches Luke is using his senses to touch with the Force, that and very minimal lightsaber techniques.

Yoda, I am positive, showed him a lot more. Luke became more aware of his surroundings by then, and could feel the power of the Dark Side in the cave on Dagobah. Luke could focus on more than one object with the Force, but he was very impatient. He foolishly rushed to Cloud City only to fall into a trap for misreading a vision. He could also communicate with Leia and Darth Vader through the Force.

Wow, he came a long way between ESB and ROTJ. Did you see him use the Jedi Mind Trick (not Force Mind Trick, yes I am still upset about that) on Bib Fortuna? And the flips he did on the sail barge? His dueling techniques became on par with his second confrontation with Vader, but we also see his anger ruled him and allowed for the overpowerment of the Sith Lord.

Ok pretty much the small amount of training he received plays a big part, because I covered a lot there. Actually that covers pretty much all I wanted to say. What a crappy topic. But it had to be done. I covered a lot more about the Jedi Order, so read that.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Jedi Order? What fools...

It seems that the numbers are not in my favor here. That means only one thing: YOU PEOPLE ARE FLIPPING IGNORANT. To me, it will still be Sith Lightning. But I will move on now, to a more touchy subject.

The Jedi Order during the waning days of the Republic. What about them you ask? THEY WERE FOOLS AND DESERVED TO BE WIPED OUT.

Woah, that came out of nowhere right?

Exhibit A: They were fools enough to still side with the Republic when they knew it was being corrupted. I thought Jedi weren't supposed to take sides, but apparantly they thought that the Republic were the overall "good guys."

Exhibit B: When the Jedi were contacted for their assistance, they would side with those who got to them first.
If anyone read Labyrinth of Evil they might know what I am speaking of. General Grievous had not always been a cyborg. His race of people were at a civil war with the Huk, the other species that lived on his planet. All was going well for Grievous, leading his army into victory after victory. But the Huk contacted the Jedi, and with their help, destroyed Grievous' men. Thanks to that, they pissed Grievous off even more, and that played a factor into him siding with the Separatists.

Exhibit C:
Anakin was not the Chosen One. You can point the blame on Qui-Gon for this one. He felt soo much that Anakin had been the Chosen One. Obi-Wan accepted his wishes to train the boy, on the grounds that he was in fact the Chosen One sent to bring balance to the Force. Yoda felt otherwise, but the council allowed him to be trained. I don't need to mention that was a mistake for them right?

Exhibit D: Jedi did not use their time wisely in the 1000 years before Darth Sidious surfaced. They became kinda relaxed when it came to lightsaber dueling. It shows during all of the duels in the prequels. Given that Qui-Gon was talented, he was still brought down by Darth Maul. Obi-Wan was only able to strike him in half because he had allowed anger to enter his manuevers for only those couple minutes, and he had the element of surprise.

Now to the main point of Exhibit D, four Jedi together COULD NOT defeat a Sith Lord. Mace Windu led Kit Fisto, Stass Allie, and Saesee Tiin to Palpatine's quarters to arrest him. But old man Palpatine took out the first three like they were just flies on the wall. All of them were well respected Masters, but screwed up big time.

Exhibit E: The Jedi way made them too much of a pussy.
Palpatine-"Kill him!"
Anakin-"It's not the Jedi way!"
Bad example because Anni ends up cutting off Dooku's head anyway.
Anakin-"You can't kill him! It's not the Jedi way!"
Mace Windu-"This man is a traitor!"
Anakin-"He must face trial! ... I NEED HIM!"
Now if Mace Windu, the most badass of the Jedi, had said "Fuck you Anakin, I'll do this myself," then his arm wouldn't have been chopped off and he wouldn't have been tossed out that window. And Palpatine would have been over with. And the the Galaxy wouldn't be forced into the Empire.

SO IN CONCLUSION: The Jedi pretty much fucked over the Galaxy, NOT the Sith.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Please, folks, it's SITH Lightning!!!

Now, allow me to get this off my chest. We have seen two men use lightning to attack their foes, Darth Tyranus (Count Dooku) and Darth Sidious (Emperor Palpatine). Both men are Sith. Sith. Not Jedi. The attack should be known as, from this day forward, "Sith Lightning."

The Jedi are keepers of the peace. They are not to take the offensive.

The Sith are sworn enemies of the Jedi. They use their hate to inflict pain.'

The Jedi tap into the powers of the Force. They have no need for physical strength when the Force is their guide. Just look at Yoda. "The Force" by itself implies the light side of the Force.

The Sith tap into the powers of the Dark Side. They too feel no need to rely on physical strength. Just look at Emperor Palpatine. The Dark Side (of the Force) implies that those who use it attack with anger and aggression.

I hope you know where this is going. There is no reason to call the attack "Force Lightning" when only a Sith is capable of creating lightning from their fingertips. From now on, please refer to the attack as "Sith Lightning." Thank you for your cooperation.

EDIT: For further discussion on whether it is "Force Lightning" or "Sith Lightning," or if you need more evidence to support your answer, check the comments left by Martin and myself.

EDIT: I am obviously not getting through to you people, and it seems like most aren't even bothering checking the comments, so I'll post a good point here.

Obi-Wan uses the "Jedi Mind Trick." Not the "Force Mind Trick," because it is a Jedi ability that they developed. Therefore, since the Sith use the lightning attack that was developed BY THE SITH, it shall be called "Sith Lightning."

Lightning Attack Poll
Which do you think is the correct term?

Force Lightning
Sith Lightning

Seeing as how the last post was about video games, I think I should throw in Star Wars, to keep the blog varied. Haha, only two topics and I call it "varied." That might be spelled wrong.

On November 1, 2005, the DVD of ROTS will be released, along with Battlefront 2. The sad thing is, I do not have a PS2 and therefore, no Bttlefront 2 for me, unless Erik gets it and I go to his house and we play it for hours on end. Now the real question is: How do I pass the time until November 1?

Well the answer is simple. To me at least. I will watch and re-watch, and re-watch, Episodes I, II, IV, V, and VI. I might just watch all of them in the same day if I feel like it. But after I get sick Attack of the Clones being THE WORST of the six, I will focus on staying in the Star Wars galaxy by reading.... yes, Tim reads.

Currently I have read five books this year on my own time. Shadows of the Empire, Heir to the Throne, Dark Force Rising, The Last Command, and Labyrinth of Evil. I beleive some of those are on my favorite book list. I recommend the Thrawn trilogy (written by the undisputed greates Star Wars author, Timothy Zahn) to all Star Wars fans. It is my understanding that there are three other Zagn books out as well: Survivor's Quest, and the Hand of Thrawn duo, Spector of the Past and Vision of the Future. Those are on my "to get" list.

It is also my understanding that on October 25, Zahn will release The Outbound Flight, a telling of where Palpatine sent the select pioneers (the Outer Rim territories) and who was, exactly, the Jedi Master Jorus C'baoth. (Not to be confused with Joruus C'baoth, his insane clone who tried to take Luke as his apprentice and almost killed Mara Jade).

Martin, you understand what I am talking about, you read some of those books, you loser. Such as The Truce at Bakura, which I am currently reading, and currently using as my escape to-


Saturday, September 03, 2005


This was originally written on Thursday, July 14, and takes place moments after I complete Killer7. I have done minimal editing to the post, and have decided to keep the language to retain its overall tone and context. Enjoy.


I am in the biggest "what the fuck" moment I have ever been in my life. I recently got addicted to Killer 7 again, and well, I beat it. But then you unlock the 'Killer 8' game mode so that will be started later tonight. But WHAT THE FUCK! First let's begin with the guy who created this game. His name is SUDA 51, that's his name, and he is wearing a wrestling mask in almost every public photo there has been taken of him. Now this genius wrote, directed, and designed this game. I use the term genius literally. This game touches on a lot of political issues at hand, and some in the future. It has the same thing that I believe every book, movie, and videogame has ever tried to preach: Love each other. That, and world peace isn't all what it is cracked up to be.

But the game features the infamous Killer 7, a band of assassins that is hired to take out the terrorists known as Heaven Smile. HS is a bunch of fucked up people that look like monsters and have bombs on them. And they explode. So wow. I am still in shock. Whoever is reading this probably gave up on me already. But thanks for sticking around if you aren't one of those people.

So we have the Killer 7: Garcian, Dan, Kaede, Kevin, Coyote, Con, and Mask. They are led by Harman Smith, and are also known as the Smith Clan. All have their special abilities and come in handy in a lot of different situations. Dan is my favorite. He's got the Magnum. so as the game progresses we learn that some people are joining up with Kun Lan, the leader of Heaven Smile. Some other people are just bad. So the Killer 7 go around and kill them. And in some cases, they actually kill themselves.

At the end, Garcian returns to the Union Hotel, because the other "personalities" have been killed while doing a job at a school in Washington state. Garcian notices there are multiple bloodstains on the walls, and then sorta has a vision of what happened, but through the perspective of the killer. We are shown the deaths of every assassin that was in league with the Killer 7: first Kevin, then Con, Kaede, Mask, and Coyote. As Garcian reaches the 6th floor, he remembers much more clearly. He is having a conversation with Dan, and Dan asks "Who the fuck are you? You gonna killer us?" They both pull out their guns, and Garcian gets to his first. Bye-bye Dan .

Now Garcian enters a suite on the 7th floor, which is occupied by two men, one of which is the REAL Harman Smith. He explains to Garcian, or shall we say, EMIR PARKREINER, that he was raised to be a killer in that same school in Washington. And at the bold, young age of 13, Emir murdered each and everyone of the Killer 7. Garcian is confused by all of this, but somehow is beginning to understand...

Garcian reaches the the top floor and enters a room where Harman and Kun Lan are playing chess. They acknowledge the presence of Garcian, but as they turn to him, they are both pelted with a fine amount of bullets. So I guess one could say mission complete.......

But it's not. Garcian is now on the roof of the Union Hotel. He turns to see a young black boy holding a gun. He approaches the boy, but not quick enough. The boy has pointed a gun in his own mouth and commits suicide. Garcian runs to the boy, and he places the briefcase that he always carries with him down next to him. The discovery that the boy, Emir Parkreiner, killed himself taunts Garcian, for that is what happened to him. Garcian cannot accept the facts, and he finally takes a look at his briefcase's contents. The look of horror in Garcian's face is enough to give any person nightmares. The briefcase contains one magnum, two grenade launchers, a knife, two automatic pistols, a revolver, and semi-automatic with a scope: the exact weapons of the Killer 7.

Now have we been following along to all of this? I know it is quite long and detailed, but there is more, beleive it or not.

The credits roll, and then it says 'The end.' BUT it unlocks another mission to play. Three years later Garcian heads to a tiny remote island to exterminate the last of the Heaven Smile. He reaches the sub-basement of this creepy-run down abandoned place, and runs into (forgot his name), the Japanese guy. He's like "Behind this door is the last of them, kill it and it's all over. But, it is harder than that. What are you gonna do with me? I guess you'll have to kill me, otherwise I'll head back to Japan and then you will totally be fucked." I am paraphrasing. So Garcian kills the mother fucker (I got to choose to kill him or let him live, I show no mercy) and runs down this winding hallway till he corners the last one. He can't see it too well in the dark, but pops that motherfucker. A closer look reveals the face of Kun Lan dressed up like Iwazaru. WHAT THE FUCK AGAIN!!! If you aren't confused, then mad props to you, because I still am. That shit happened an hour ago and I am still trying to process it all.

More credits roll, and it says 'The end?' with the question mark and all. I shout out "NO GOD DAMN IT ITS NOT THE END YOU ALREADY SAID IT WAS THE END I CANT TRUST YOU AT ALL!!!!"

I take a couple breaths, and then I see it isn't the end at all.

Another scene takes place between Harman Smith and Kun Lan. This is 100 years into the future now, and the happenings between them are the exact same ones that happened at the beginning of the game. So I guess you can never truly defeat evil (I already knew that by the way). Well well well. There is my story. The ending of a pretty damn good game. GamePro does not know what they are talking about. They are only good at making me a published writer. HAHAHAHAHA. Just thought I'd mention that again.

OK, now this is the end of this entry, for real, I ain't playin' with yo head.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Welcome, friends

So this is the actual blog. I promise to stay on topic(s). Those two beign my true loves: Star Wars and video games. I have my xanga still, I will leave Big Brother there and everything else that doesn't fall into Star Wars or video games. Please, sit back, and enjoy.

One more thing, I promise not to use any Force tricks on you...