Friday, April 24, 2009


You know what would make this site more awesome? My own screen-capturing device. I wouldn't have to take screenshots from various websites and outside sources, or spend a lot of time searching for an image that best represents what I am talking about. That and I could capture those hilarious moments. And the perverted ones too.

I wish I could also directly capture video with some digital device, and then I could use whatever software available to make my own "video reviews." That would off the hook! It would be excellent practice for expanding my skills, and potential employers would love that skill.

You know what, I'm gonna try to work something out with what I've got. By the end of May (if I give myself more than a month to do it, it is more likely) I will try to put together my own video review of a video game using the limited technology and equipment I have. Look forward to it.