Sunday, May 22, 2011

Packed and Ready

I know you are wondering, "Tim, what are you going to be playing this summer?"

Well, last week I was getting all sentimental about leaving for 14 weeks. Not so much because I'll be in strange lands with new people and the real world attacking me from all angles, but instead I will be leaving my consoles behind.

I was packing and unpacking all my stuff and came across my library of video games. I then had these desires to play and replay a bunch of those games. Infamous. Valkyria Chronicles. Eternal Darkness. Resident Evil. Donkey Kong Country Returns. Half Life 2.

The list goes on, trust me.

But with my PS3 and Wii hooked up to the TV in my parents' living room, I don't have that opportunity to play my console games this summer (however, Half Life 2 is on my laptop, but I didn't pack my mouse :-\). My gaming opportunities will come from my new Nintendo DS Lite, if you recall. And I'll tell you what games I've packed for the summer.

1. Advance Wars 1+2

Advance Wars was one of the first games I had for my GBA, and since my DS Lite can play GBA games, I am taking full advantage and bringing along both of these stellar strategy games. They will be great for short bursts of gaming, allowing about one or two missions at a time.

2. Fire Emblem

DUH! What would I be without Fire Emblem? I don't think any further explanation is required.

3. Golden Sun 1+2

Golden Sun is the very first game I bought and played for GBA. It is fantastic. The sequel is even better in almost every way. There's more reasoning than their awesomeness to why I am bringing them along:

4. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

Yup, the third game of the series, and the first actual DS game on the list. I hope to play through all three games in order and see if the world is truly doomed (like how yesterday was supposed to be the rapture according to one guy).

5. The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

I needed a Zelda game on this list. Honestly, when I was at Best Buy, it was either this or Pokemon White. I don't have the patience to play a Pokemon game anymore... Who am I kidding? I played Pokemon Red last summer, and Pokemon Crystal a month ago. I am not ashamed!

6. Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

The sequel to one of my favorite games of all time. I searched quite a bit for this game. No Gamestop in my area back home had it, but the ones in Ann Arbor did, for $18, AND with a case! That's a steal. The lowest price you will see this game going for online is about $40.

7. Plants Vs. Zombies

My dad bought this game for himself, and in the less than two weeks I was at home, he played this game four at least 2 hours a night. I can see why. It is ridiculously addictive and I see it being perfect for short bursts of gaming in car rides or any other situations.

There you have it. The seven games that will feed my habit for the summer. I do not think I will be disappointed by anything that I bring along. But I really should have packed a mouse so I could play Half Life 2...

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