Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Replay Value

The last new game I bought was Final Fantasy XIII.

Let me clarify this. In March, FFXIII was new, and I bought it. Over the summer, I took advantage of Steam's awesome deals and sales, and downloaded Portal (for free), Dragon Age: Origins (on sale), and the Deus Ex games (for super cheap). I downloaded Mario Tennis 64 on Virtual Console. Something untypical of me was that I also purchased some DLC for Guitar Hero 5. That is where my money spent on gaming went to over this summer.

So what was I playing in the four-ish months that I was out of school? A bit of FFXIII, a lot of Modern Warfare 2, the daily doses of drumming on Guitar Hero, collected 121 stars in Super Mario Galaxy 2, a handful of Gameboy games (pun intended... yeah it's a bad pun), a couple of hours in these PC games, and Hearts. Yes, Hearts.

I also started to replay Tales of Symphonia. And a few missions from each Syphon Filter game. I started the Terran campaign in StarCraft. Another brand new sorceress in Diablo 2. Crushing difficulty in Uncharted 2.

All of these games have an incredibly high replay value to me, clearly. This is something I look for in each and every video game I own, which sadly also explains why I haven't played a whole lot of good games. I don't rent a whole lot. I stick with the same tried and true games. I prestiged multiple times in MW2, and have many more prestiges to go through. I have trophies that need unlocking in Uncharted 2 (and pretty much every other PS3 game I have). I HAVE ALL BUT ONE GREEN STARS TO FIND IN SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2!

So while I fully intend to complete all of these tasks, I need to make sure I experience a lot more games in my career. Metroid: Other M was just released today. I don't know if that is a purchase (despite my love for the Metroid series) I may need to rent the game this weekend and run through it in about two or three days. It can be done.

Also, Ben and I want to play all three Halo games in one (or two) sittings. REPLAY VALUE.

Are there any games you would suggest that I play? Mainly any Nintendo or Sony console games. What games have the highest replay value to you?

(It's cute that I pose questions at the end of my post for the zero readers I have.)

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Daniel said...

NHL Hitz 2003... I have probably played that game an ungodly amount more than I should have. Great "Franchise" mode in which you create all your players and play teams around the globe to earn new CCM, Bauer and Nike gear, plus, like any good game, XP. Only once you have completed that may you enter your team into the NHL season and go after Lord Stanley's Cup. I still have not won it, mainly because my game likes to freeze with .001 second left in the game. Awesome.